How to Evaluate a Vacation Rental Location

Vacation Rental

Location, location, location. This phrase is renowned within the real estate industry, but it is just as important when you travel away from home. As you plan your travel itinerary, you will want to choose a specific location for your accommodations. The following are some considerations to evaluate in your vacation rental location:

Proximity to attractions. If you are traveling to a tourist destinations, you may or may not want to be in the heart of the tourist attractions. Most vacation renters prefer being in the center of major sights. These vacation rentals carry a higher price tag due to the convenience. Other vacation rental guests may prefer quieter, more residential local neighborhoods away from touristy areas. These short term rentals are often lower priced because they are in less demand and farther from popular sights and attractions.

Traffic. As you evaluate the location of your vacation rental property, consider the distance or routes from the property to places you need to travel to during your stay. Many cities have traffic problems at different times of day and on different roads. Do your research beforehand so you choose a vacation rental with the knowledge of traffic issues in the surrounding areas.

Safety. As a tourist, it is much more difficult to understand where the safe and crime-ridden areas are within a new city. Looking at a map will not tell you how safe a particular location is. However, you can use online resources to evaluate crime rates in specific neighborhoods. You can also read the property’s online reviews (if available) to confirm guests’ satisfaction with the vacation rental.

Before or right after you book your vacation rental reservation, confirm that the rental property address matches the location you were promised!



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